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Free Pattern - Vintage 1935 Two Piece Tweed Jumper Suit #185

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Vintage 1935 Two Piece Tweed Jumper Suit #185

A smart two-piece jumper suit, knitted in a raised stitch with two colors, which give the new rough tweed effect.  We recommend it as a good model for those who are making their debut in knitting, as well as for the more experienced.  It is worked with medium size bone needles and double strand [mercerized cotton] yarn.  Four cones of each color are sufficient to complete the suit.  The only difficulty is deciding which of the many color combinations to select.  
The directions are given for sizes 14, 16, 18 or 36.

These directions are for size 16. 
Any changes necessary to make size 14 are in the preceding brackets; for size 18 use figures in the brackets which follow the figures of size 16.

Lily Frost-Tone, 4 cones each green and lemon.
1Pair #4 ½ knitting needles
1 Circular knitting needle #4 ½ or standard #6
#3 Steel crochet hook
5 Medium buttons
30 inches Elastic ½ in width

12 sts = 2 ins; 
15 rows = 2 ins.

With 1 strand each color [the entire suit is knitted with double yarn] cast on [84 sts] 88 sts [92 sts].

1st and 2nd rows:  K 2 sts, p 2 sts across row.

3rd and 4th rows:  P 2, k 2 across row; repeat these 4 rows throughout. 

Work 6 ins [6 ½ ins]. 

* Inc 1 st in 2nd st from each end [last square will now have 3 sts instead of 2 sts]. 

Work 14 rows; inc each side [there will now be 1 square more each end]. 

Work 14 rows.  Repeat from * once. 

Work [92 sts] 96 sts [100 sts] even until 13 ½ ins [14 ins] from the beg. 

Bind off 6 sts each side for the underarm. 

Then dec 1 st each side every 2nd row 6 times.  

Work even [68 sts] 72 sts [76 sts] until 6 ½ ins [7 ins] above the underarm. 

To shape shoulder: 
Bind off 6 sts on beg 4 rows, then 5 sts on beg 2 rows; 3 sts [4 sts] for 2 rows. 

This makes [20 sts] 20 sts [21 sts] for each shoulder. 

Bind off remaining sts for the back of neck.

Cast on [92 sts] 100 sts [108 sts]. 

Work as for back to within 2 ins of underarm. 

Divide for front opening; work pattern across row to within 4 sts of center, slip these 4 sts and the remaining sts of right side on holder. 

Turn, work back and forth for left side until even with the back to underarm.  Bind off [7 sts] 8 sts [9 sts]. 

Decrease 1 st every 2nd row at armhole [6 times] 8 times [8 times]. 

Work even [33 sts] 34 sts [37 sts] until 4 ½  ins above underarm. 

Then decrease 1 st at neck edge every 2nd row until 7 ins [7 ½ ins]. 

On beg row at armhole side bind off as for the shoulder on the back and continue to dec 1 st at neck edge until all sts are worked off. 

Leave 8 sts of center on holder, attach yarns in 4th st from center on right side,  work this side to correspond to the first one.

With double strand of green cast on 44 sts [46 sts].  K 1, p 1 across row and continue ribbing for 3 ½ ins. 

Rib next row inc 1 st in every 11th st [7th st] until 48 sts [52 sts]. 

Attach lemon, work pattern inc 1 st each side every in 12 times, carrying out the patt after every 2nd inc. 

*  Work 3 rows; inc 1 st each side; repeat from * once [twice]. 

Work 76 sts [82 sts] until 17 ins [17n ½ ins] from lower edge of cuff, or for desired length to the underarm. 

Dec 1 st each side every row 6 times, then 1 st each side every 2nd row until 34 sts [38 sts].  Bind off.

Sew side, shoulder and sleeve seams. 

Sew sleeves to armholes with seams matching and center top of sleeve at center top of armhole.

Slip the center 8 sts on needle,  with double strand green, k 1, p 1 and repeat ribbing for ¾ in. 

*  Make buttonhole; rib 4 sts, turn, rib these 4 sts separately for ½ in, slip to back of needle; then rib last 4 sts for same number of rows, join. 

Rib 8 sts for 1 ¾ ins. 

Repeat from * until 3 holes. 

Then continue ribbing until band will extend around neck edge and down left side to the opening. 

In measuring, the top button-hole of band should come ¼ in below first dec on right side of neck edge, and band should be stretched on the length around front neck edges and back of neck.

With double strand green cast on 14 sts. 

Rib as for neck band until piece stretches easily to 30 ins, or desired length.  Bind off closely.

With 1 strand each color cast on [274 sts] 274 sts [282 sts].

1st rnd:  *  Knit 2 sts, p 2 sts, rep from * for 136 sts [140 sts], k next st and mark it with a thread for the seam st. 

Repeat from the beg to last stitch on rnd, mark this st for 2nd seam st. 

2nd rnd:  Like 1st rnd.

3rd rnd:  * P 2, k 2, rep from * to seam st, k this st.  Repeat from beg of rnd to the end; k last st for seam st.

4th rnd:  Like 3rd rnd. 

Repeat these 4 rnds throughout. 

Dec 1 st each side of the seam sts [4 sts to a rnd] every 2 ins for 12 times, being careful to carry out the patt. 

After 1st and every odd dec there will be p 1 and k 1 st each side of seam sts. 

After 12th dec there should be 226 sts [234 sts] and skirt should measure 24 ins from lower edge. 

*  Work 3 rnds, dec 4 sts on next rnd as before.  Rep from * every 4th rnd 14 times. 

Work 1 in or desired length, bind off.

Sc 1 row on top of skirt. 

On wrong side ch 6, 1 sc in 3rd st at the left on a row ½ in below top, * ch 6, 1 sc in 6th st from last st on top, ch 6, 1 sc in 6th st from last st on row below. 

Repeat from *, ch 6, join to beg of rnd.