Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Free Patterns - 30 Baby Booties to Knit - Crochet

The more than 30 free patterns included are of cozy baby booties to knit & crochet...keep or gift!

1941 Girls Sailor Dress #C193 [knit]

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Before I Forget
Here are your Free Patterns.
Click on any title name to go the pattern.

Babystovler [knit]
Saartje Booties [knit]
Flower Buds [knit]
Strawberries [knit]
Elfin [crochet]
Folded T [knit]
With Bows [crochet]
Comfy Sandals [crochet]
Pretty Flowers [crochet]
Pom-Poms [knit]
Santa Baby [crochet]
Softee with Straps [knit]
Roll Downs [crochet]
T Strap [crochet]
Baby Jane [knit]
Pirate Feet [crochet]
Mary Janes [crochet]
Baby Boots [crochet]
Ruby Slippers [knit]
Lavish Cashmere [knit]
Sweet Slip-Ons [knit]
Easy Booties [crochet]
Plush Puppy [knit]
Two Needle [knit]
Pixie [crochet]
Bethany [knit]
Rainbow Daisy Stitch [crochet]
Soccasins [crochet]
Emma's Lacy [crochet]
Ugg Style Suede [crochet]