Saturday, September 15, 2012

Free Patterns - 20+ Dog Sweater Coats to Knit & Crochet

The free patterns included are:  
  • princess cashmere dog coat
  •  hoodie dog coat
  • easy dog coat
  •  flower garden dog coat
  • odds & ends dog coat
  • skull & cross bones pirate dog coat
  • cowichan dog coat
  • urban granny dog coat
  • boa dog coat
  • button up dog sweater
  • festive snowflake dog coat
  • striped Linus dog coat
  • hoodie dog coat
  • snuggle up dog coat
  • Christmas dog coat
  • dapper doggie coat
  • darling doggie shrug
  • pooch rainbow sweater
  • comfy canine coat
  • bumble bee costume sweater
  • need for tweed sweater
  • skull dog coat
all to easily create & lovely to keep or gift!

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1950s Vogue Lined Dog Coat #339 [knit]

The pets in our home have their own Christmas stockings, filled with the standard snacks & toys.  But since we already have so many toys scattered around on a daily basis [Sometimes the house looks like a day care center...I keep putting the toys in their baskets & they keep dragging them out!], it might be a good idea to put together 2 new sweaters for Christmas.  I can imagine their disappointment on having their packages opened with no toy or snack inside to be the same as a small boy's on finding he's gotten underwear for a gift...oh well.

Quite often you will be able to create lovely coats just from your yarn left-overs.  As in earlier postings, these are projects that can be completed quickly & easily.  If not for your own fuzzy child, but as a welcome gift to any pet lover on your holiday list.

Above is shown one of the dog sweater coat patterns available in my etsy shop, Miss Julia's Vintage Patterns

The proceeds from the sales of my vintage patterns are used in support of rescue animals.

Please share my store with friends and family to assist in this effort.

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Princess Cashmere Dog Coat [crochet]
Hoodie Dog Coat [knit]
Easy Dog Coat [crochet]
Flower Garden Dog Coat [crochet]

Odds & Ends Dog Coat [crochet]

Skull & Cross Bones Pirate Dog Coat [knit]

Cowichan Dog Coat [knit]
Urban Granny Dog Sweater [crochet]
Boa Dog Coat [knit]