Thursday, September 20, 2012

Free Patterns with Plarn - Recycled Plastic Bags

The free patterns included are: a crocheted plarn & ribbon grocery tote; plarn pop-top tote bag; plarn checkers rug; plarn dual handle tote bag; plarn round motif rug; plarn wheel chair/walker tote; plarn bread bag coaster; plarn fat-bottomed bag; plarn water bottle holder; plarn cell phone holder; plarn slide slippers; plarn can cozy; & "How To" instruction links to take you through all of the phases of working with yarn created from plastic bags of all types.

1950s Silk Corde Hat & Ascot #946 [crochet]

The charming hat & ascot set shown on the left is a new listing in my etsy shop,  Miss Julia's Vintage Patterns
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Though I usually only work with knit & crochet in standard yarns, here are some projects I found interesting using plarn [made from recycled plastic bags.]  I hope you enjoy viewing the tutorials & crafting the free patterns shown below.


Before I Forget
Here are your Free Patterns.
Click on any title name to go the pattern.

Plarn & Ribbon Grocery Tote