Friday, September 21, 2012

Contrasting Color Equals Exciting Design & Free Patterns

The free patterns included are a crocheted mosaic spiral hat, & a knit buttoned cowl/neckwarmer, which you will enjoy creating to keep or gift.

1935 Palm Beach Hat #297 [crochet]

Contrasting colors bring out the details in a fashion's design...taking apparel from average to outstanding with just a change of yarn, or accenting with beading & trim in an alternate color.

Here are some of my favorite patterns from my Etsy shop, Miss Julia's Vintage Patterns

The proceeds from the sales of my vintage patterns are used in support of rescue animals.

Please share my store with friends and family to assist in this effort.

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1950s Vogue Casual Pullover #302 [knit]
1947 Vogue Two Color Sweater #689 [knit]
1940s Vogue Half & Half Cardigan #198 [knit]
1951 Vogue Over Blouse #776 [knit]
1951 Vogue Bi-Color Blouse #774 [knit]
1950s Sleeveless Cotton Sweater #659 [crochet]
1935 Stylish Bows Cardigan #515 [crochet]
Easy Flapper Mini Dress #875 [crochet]
1948 Career Peplum Suit #855 [knit]
1940s Color Block 2-Piece Dress #180 [knit]
1940s Vogue Zig Zag Dress #197 [knit]
1955 Beaded Cocktail Hat & Bag #928 [crochet]

Before I Forget
Here are your Free Patterns.
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