Sunday, August 20, 2017

Free Pattern - Vintage 1946 Chinese Charmer Sweater Jacket #986

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Vintage 1946 Chinese Charmer Sweater Jacket #986

Warm as a home-coming welcome…cleverly designed…this bloused, wide-belted jacket is a cheerful companion with skirts or slacks or even basic dresses.  It’s Asian-inspired collar & wing sleeves flatter all figure types.

14, 16, 18 & 20.
Directions are for size 14 with changes for sizes 16, 18 & 20 in brackets.

Columbia Zephyrdown, 1oz: 7 [8-9-10] balls
Knitting needles, standard #1 – 14”
13 Buttons
2 Buckle rings

10 sts = 1”

Bust:  32” [34”-36”-38”]
Waist:  26 ½” [28”-30”-32”]

Cast on 180 [190-200-210] sts.
Work in stockinette st for 4”.

Bind off 6 sts at beg of each of next 2 rows for underarm, then dec 1 st each side every other row 4 times.
Sts on needle:  160 [170-180-190] sts.
Work even until armhole meas 11” [11”-12”-12”] – meas straight up from bound off sts at underarm.

K 2 tog 23 [24-25-26] times, then sl rem sts on st holder.
Work right shoulder even in stockinette st for 1”.

Inc 1 st in each st across row, then inc 1 st at neck edge every row 14 [17-20-23] times.
Cast on 20 sts at front edge.
Sts on needle:  80 [85-90-95] sts.
Work even for 10” [10”-11”-11”].

Inc at armhole 1 st every other row 4 times, then cast on 6 sts for underarm.
Sts on needle:  90 [95-100-105] sts.
Work even for 4”, then bind off.
Turn under 1” at front edge for hem.

Leaving 68 [74-80-86] sts at back on st holder, work left front to correspond with right front, have incs at opposite sides.

Start at front edge, pick up & k 29 sts at right neck edge, then * k 1, k 2 tog, rep from * across sts on st holder at back, then pick up 29 sts on left neck edge.
Sts on needle:  104 [108-112-116] sts.
Work in stockinette st for 2”, turn down 1” for facing & sew to inside of neck edge.

Pick up 194 [194-204-204] sts around armhole edge & work in stockinette st, dec 1 st each side every other row 10 times, then every 4th row 31 times, then every 6th row 8 times.
Work even until sleeve meas 20” [20”-21”-21”] – meas straight.  Bind off all sts.
Sew sleeve & underarm seams, leave 3” open at bottom of sleeve.

On right side of work, pick up 60 sts around opening & work in stockinette st for ½”, bind off.  Turn facing in & sew in place.
Cast on 50 sts & work 6” [6”-7”-7”] – or long enough to fit around wrist.  Bind off.
Fold lengthwise & sew to sleeve gathered to fit. 

Cast on 80 sts & work in stockinette st for 26 ½” [28”-30”-32”], or desired waist meas; allow 2” for turning back thru buckle, then dec 1 st each side every other row until all sts are worked off.
Fold lengthwise & sew to jacket [gathered at front & back to fit waistband].
Cover 2 buckle rings with yarn using buttonhole st.
Draw wide end of waistband thru rings & sew.

Cast on 6 sts.
1ST ROW:  * K 1, bring yarn forward, sl 1, with yarn in back rep from * across.
Rep 1st row for 23”.
Draw tubing thru sts at front edge, allow 1 ½” for each loop, 1” apart [9 loops].
Work 7, 2” loops, draw thru sts at base of neckband 1 ¼” apart.
Work 2 loops for each cuff in same manner.