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Free Pattern - Vintage 1946 Parachute Swirl Bag #1041 - Crochet

Here is your free pattern...happy crafting!

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Vintage 1946 Parachute Swirl Bag #1041

Hiawatha Super Crepe Corde Art #42, 4 tubes
Hiawatha Super Corde Art #38, 3 tubes
Hiawatha Belastraw Art #35, 3 tubes
Hiawatha Strawsheen Art #59, 5 tubes
Steel Crochet Hook #0
Hiawatha Bag Drawstring #6342
Lining Material

Ch 2, 6 sc in 2nd ch from hk.

Mark beg of rnd.

2ND RND:  2 Sc in each st [12 sc].

3RD RND:  * Sc in next st, 2 sc in next st.  Rep from * [18 sc].

4TH RND:  * Sc in next 2 sts, 2 sc in next st.  Rep from * [24 sc].

Inc 6 sts each rnd [not over prev incs] until there are 60 sc in rnd & piece is about 3 ¼” across.

Work 1 rnd even, sl st in next st.

NEXT RND:  Sc thru back lps.

1ST RND:  Ch 3, thru both lps dc in next 59 sts.  Do not join.

NOTE:  Rem of bag is worked thru back lps only.

2ND RND:  * Dc in next 5 sts, 2 dc in next st.  Rep from * [70 sts].  Do not join.

3RD RND:  Dc in next 3 sts, * 2 dc in next st, dc in next 6 sts.  Rep from * [80 sts].

Inc 10 dc each rnd [not over prev incs] until bag is 6 ½” deep.

Work 1” even.  Sl st in next st.

NEXT RND:  Sc thru back lps.  Sl st in next st.  Fasten off.

With bottom of bag facing you, join thread to beg of ridge after 1st dc rnd, ch 1.

Sc in each st along ridge to top of bag.  Fasten off.

Cut cardboard [or plastic] circle size of bottom.

Cut 2 circles of lining material slightly larger than cardboard circle.

Cover 1 side of cardboard with fabric.

Cut lining 16” long & 1” wider than top of bag.

Stitch 16” seam, then fold in half [seams facing].

Fold is top edge of lining.

Gather raw edges of bottom to fit around rem lining circle & sew.

Place lining in bag with seam to inside.

Insert cardboard circle, lined side up & sew in place.

Sew lining to bag at top.

Divide top of bag into 4 equal parts.

Sew top edges tog at 4 points for 2”.

Remove 1 ring from each side of drawstring.

Sew 2 rings to inner edge at each point.



*                                   repeat the instructions following the single asterisk as directed
* *                                repeat instructions between asterisks as many times as directed or                                      repeat from a given set of instructions
”                                   inch(es)
Alt                              alternate
Approx                      approximately
Beg                             begin/beginning
Bet                             between
Bl                                back loop(s)
Bo                               bobble
Bp                               back post
Bpdc                          back post double crochet
Bpsc                           back post single crochet
Bptr                           back post treble/triple crochet
Ca                               color A
Cb                               color B
Cc                               contrasting color
Ch                               chain stitch
Ch                               refers to chain or space previously
made: e.g                  ch-1 space
ch-sp                          chain space
Cl                               cluster
Cm                              centimeter(s)
Compl                                    complete
Cont                           continue
Dc                               double crochet
Dc2tog                      double crochet 2 stitches together
Dec                             decrease/decreases/decreasing
Dtr/Dtrc                   double treble/triple crochet
fl                                front loop(s)
Foll                            follow/follows/following
Fp                               front post
Fpdc                           front post double crochet
Fpsc                           front post single crochet
Fptr                           front post treble/triple crochet
G                                 gram
Hdc                            half double crochet
Hk                               hook
Inc                               increase/increases/increasing
Incl                             inclusive
K                                 knit
lp(s)                           loop(s)
M                                 meter(s)
M                                 mesh
Mc                               main color
Meas                          measure
Mm                              millimeter(s)
O                                 over (yarn over)
Oz                               ounce(s)
P                                 picot or purl
Pat(s) or patt          pattern(s)
Pc st or Pc              popcorn stitch
Pm                               place marker
Prev                           previous
PSSO                         pass slip stitch over
Rem                            remain/remaining
Rep                             repeat(s)
Rnd(s)                        round(s)
Rs                               right side
Sc                               single crochet
Sc2tog                      single crochet 2 stitches together
Sdc                             short double crochet (half double crochet)
Sk                               skip
Sl st                           slip stitch
Sp(s)                          space(s)
St(s)                           stitch(es)
Tch or t-ch               turning chain
Tbl                              through back loop
Tog                             together
Tr or Trc                  treble/triple crochet
Trtrc or T Trc         triple treble/triple crochet
Ws                              wrong side
YB                               yarn back
Yd(s)                          yard(s)
YF                               yarn forward
Yo                               yarn over

Yoh                             yarn over hook