Monday, June 19, 2017

Free Pattern - Vintage 1941 Baby Cape & Hood #B186 - Knit

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Vintage 1941 Baby Knit Cape & Hood #B186

Even the baby is thought of when it comes to knitting-perhaps more so than the adult-for here is baby’s early Fall cape & hood for those evenings, when it is just a bit too cool for baby to be without some sort of covering.  Here is a practical answer, & an answer soft & alluring.  The embroidery on the cape & hood has that “smart touch” that gives the garment a look of regality for his-or her-Royal Highness-the Baby!

6 - 12 months

1 pair #2 knitting needles
1 #4 circular knitting needle
Paradise Zephyr baby yarn 10 oz
3 small buttons

6 sts = 1“

Starting at neck, with #2 needles, cast on 76 sts, k 1, p 1, for 3 rows.

K 1, * yo, k 2 tog, repeat from * across row, k 1, p 1 for 3 rows, cast on 2 sts. 

Change to #4 circular needle. 

Work in garter st [k each row].

1st row:  K 8, * inc 1 st, k 5, repeat from * across row to within last 8 sts throughout yoke.  Cast on 2 sts.

2nd row:  K 1 row.

3rd row:  On next row, k back to within last 4 sts, bind off 2 sts for buttonhole, k 2.

On next row:  Cast on 2 sts over those bound off, k across row. 

* Repeat row 1 [but do not cast on the 2 sts].  K 3 rows even.  Repeat from * until you have 182 sts, working 2 more buttonholes, 1” apart.

On next row:  K 24 sts, * slip 1 st, k 18 sts, repeat from * to within 25 sts, slip 1 st, k 24.

On next row:  K 3, p to within last 3 sts [purling the sl st.], k 3, repeat these 2 rows for 1”.

On next k row:  K 3, inc 1 st, k 9, inc 1 st, k 10, sl 1 st, continuing pattern across row, making inc in center of each gore.  Inc in 4th to last st same as beg of row.

Work even for 1”. 

Inc in same manner every inch, until cape measures 11” from end of yoke. 

K 12 rows, 6 ribs, bind off loosely on wrong side.

Ch 3, join, work 5 sc in ring. 

Work 2 sc in each st, until you have 12 sc.

Work even until you have 5 rows. 

Fill with cotton.

Sc around, dec a few sts in each row to close opening.

Ch 24”. 

Make another ball in same manner & attach to 2nd end.

Starting at first half of neck edge, with #2 needles, cast on 42 sts, k 1, p 1 for 4 rows.

Change to #4 needles.  * K 1 row, p 1 row for 1” always knitting first 4 sts on purled rows for border at front.

Now k 2 tog at back edge, repeat from * until piece measures 5” [37 sts], measuring after the k 1, p 1 edge. 

Work 1” even.

To Start Peak At Top: 
1st row:  K 30 sts, turn.

2nd row & all even rows:  P back, slipping first st.

3rd row:  K 24, turn.

5th row:  K 18, turn.

7th row:  K 12, turn.

9th row:  K 6, turn.

All sts are now on left hand needle [this completes half of hood]. 

On next row, starting at back k 9 turn.

Following row:  K 15, turn.

Next row:  K 21, turn. 

Continue in this manner, inc 6 sts every other row, until you have 33 sts on right hand needle, turn. 

P back & on next row, k 37.

Work other half to correspond inc 1 st every inch at back edge.

Fold in half & sew seam.

Sew hood to cape, starting about 2” from beading at beg of cape, gathering across, leaving 2” at end.