Friday, June 16, 2017

Free Pattern - Vintage 1935 “Bantry” Dress Plus Size #138 - Knit

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Vintage 1935 “Bantry” Dress Plus Size #138 - Knit 

A fashionable version of the two piece dress that is always good style.  The stitch is not difficult and makes a rough surface and a fabric that holds its shape well.  The raglan shoulder insures an excellent fit and the straight neckline is a flattering one.  The size can be increased by the addition of patterns to the blouse and skirt.

SIZE:  38

Minerva Velveen:  Blouse - 6 balls of grey & 1 ball of emerald
Skirt -  7 balls of grey
#1  straight needles - 12 inch                   
#2  straight needles - 12 inch
#4 crochet hook

Blouse :  Bust - front 19 ins; back 19 ins.
                Underarm - front 12 in2; back 11 ins.
                Sleeve to underarm 18 ins.
                Raglan armhole 11 ½ ins.
Skirt:       Waist 33 ins; hips 41 ins.

BLOUSE:  Back -
With Grey and #2 needles cast on 153 sts. 

Knit 1 row and start pattern as follows:  [pattern is worked on a multiple of 6 sts, plus 3 sts].

1st row-  K 3, * yo, sl 1, k 2 tog, psso, k 2 tog, yo, k 3, repeat from * across row.  [Wrong side of work.]

2nd row:  P 3,  * k 3, p 3, repeat from * across row.  [Right side of work.]

3rd row:  K 3, * p 3, k 3, repeat from * across row.

4th row:  repeat 2nd row.

5th row:  K 1, yo, sl 1, k 1, psso, * k3, yo, sl 1, k 2 tog, psso, k 2 tog, yo, repeat from * across row, ending row, yo, sl 1, k 1, psso, k 1.

6th row:  Repeat 3rd row.

7th row:  Repeat 2nd row.

8th row:  Repeat 3rd row.

Repeat these 8 pattern rows for entire suit. 
Increase 1 st each side every inch 7 times [14 sts increased]. 

Work even for 2 inches. 

Start raglan armhole by decreasing 1 st at the beginning of every row 98 times [69 sts remaining].  Bind off.

Cast on 153 sts. 

Work same as back, [working 1 inch longer at underarm].

With #1 needles and grey color, cast on 70 sts. 

K 1 st, p 1 st, [ribbing] for 6 inches. 

Increase 1 st in first and every 7th st, 81 sts on needle.

Change to #2 needles and work in pattern, increasing 1 st each side every ¾ in 15 times [111 sts]. 

When sleeve measures 18 in or desired length to underarm, decrease 1 st at the beginning of every row until 13 sts remain, bind off. 

Sew sleeve seams. 

Starting at bottom of blouse, sew under arm seams, easing in fullness of fronts toward underarm. 

Sew sleeves in place. 

Work 2 rows of sc at bottom of blouse. 

With emerald yarn, work 6 rows of sc around neck of blouse.

With grey yarn and #2 needles, cast on 225 sts.

1st row:  P 3, * k 3, p 3, repeat from * across row.

2nd row:  K 3, * p 3, k 3, repeat from * across row.

Repeat 1st and 2nd rows once, then work in pattern same as blouse. 

Work 8 rows even, then decrease 1 st each side every inch 30 times. 

Work 1 in even or desired length and decrease by knitting every 8th and 9th st tog across row.  Bind off. 

Work back to correspond

Sew side seams, drawing thread taut to prevent sagging. 

Work beading for elastic at top of skirt.

Crochet a chain 37 in long. 

SC around chain until belt measures 1 ½ inches, fasten off.