Monday, October 24, 2016

Free Patterns - 15 More Infinity Cowls to Knit

Here are your free patterns...happy crafting!

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  • Make It Quick Loop Cowl
  • Infinity Lace Scarf 
  • Infinity Loop Scarf 
  • Infinity Basket Weave Scarf 
  • Ocean Star Infinity Scarf
  • Winding River Cowl
  • Infinity Times 7 Scarf
  • 5 Infinity Cowls
  • 15K Infinity Cowl
  • Seaside Infinity Cowl 
  • Chief Joseph Infinity Cowl 
  • Cowl à la Mode
  • Tristan Infinity Cowl 
  • Infinity Waves 
  • Feel-Good Cowl