Saturday, September 10, 2016

Free Patterns - 25 Fuzzy Bears for Wear, Decor or to Hold to Crochet

Here are your free patterns...happy crafting!
  • Bear Brooch - crochet - easy
  • Bear Cozy - crochet - easy
  • Bear or Kitten Crocheted Mittens - crochet - intermediate
  • Bear with Balloon - crochet - intermediate
  • Bear Hat - crochet - easy
  • Bear Booties - crochet - easy
  • Bear in a Jif - crochet - intermediate
  • Bear Hooded Cowl [Toddler, and Child Sizes] - crochet - easy 
  • Bear Coin Purse - crochet - easy
  • Pumpkin Bear - crochet - intermediate
  • Rainbow Bear - crochet - intermediate
  • HappyBerry Bear 'Dotty' - crochet - easy
  • Friendship Bear Square - crochet - easy
  • Tina Ballerina Bear - crochet - easy
  • Beach Bear Rita - crochet - easy
  • Starling's Hexagon Bear - crochet - easy
  • Yankee Doodle Bear - crochet - intermediate
  • Baby Pacifier Bear - crochet - intermediate
  • Prince Bear Pillow & Hat - crochet - easy
  • 'Holly' Christmas Polar Bear - crochet - intermediate
  • Care Bear Jar - crochet - intermediate
  • Teddy Bear Rattle - crochet - easy
  • Baby Bear Cozy Cocoon - crochet - easy
  • Teddy Bear Toddler Tote - crochet - easy
  • Blue Boy Bear Blanket - crochet - intermediate
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Bear Brooch
by Jen Williams

Bear Cozy
by Yarn Twins

Bear or Kitten Crocheted Mittens
by Barbara Sestok

Bear with Balloon
by Suzielah Rahmad

Bear Hat
by Ruth McNeil

Bear Booties
by María Suárez Llamas

Bear in a Jif
by Lion Brand Yarn

Bear Hooded Cowl [Toddler, and Child Sizes]
by Amy Lehman

Bear Coin Purse
by Adriana Bon

Pumpkin Bear
by Kathleen Stuart

Rainbow Bear
by Deb Richey

HappyBerry Bear 'Dotty'
by Laura Eccleston

Friendship Bear Square
by Elizabeth Ham

Tina Ballerina Bear
by Jennifer Olivarez

Beach Bear Rita
by Michele Wilcox

Starling's Hexagon Bear
by Starling

Yankee Doodle Bear
by Sandy Abbate

Baby Pacifier Bear
by Burnadette Burke

Prince Bear Pillow & Hat
by Salena Baca

'Holly' Christmas Polar Bear
by Janine Holmes

Care Bear Jar
by Jazmo Tennant

Teddy Bear Rattle
by Christine Harvey

Baby Bear Cozy Cocoon
by Salena Baca

Teddy Bear Toddler Tote
by Amy Yarbrough

Blue Boy Bear Blanket
by Silkymist/PC