Saturday, November 21, 2015

Free Patterns - 30 Rompers & Onesies to Knit & Crochet

Here are your patterns...happy crafting!
  • Kinzie Baby Romper - knit - easy
  • Darling 1-Piece Romper & Hat Set - crochet - easy
  • Top Down All-in-One Romper - knit - easy
  • Royal Crochet Onesie - intermediate
  • Royal Knit Onesie - intermediate
  • Baby Love Romper & Hat Set - knit - easy
  • Knitted Baby Onsey with Hood - easy
  • Beach Onsey & Hat Set - knit - intermediate
  • Bunny Onesy with Hood - knit - easy
  • Tutu Crochet Onesy with Hat - easy
  • Tutu Knit Onesy with Hat - easy
  • Anchors Away Romper - knit - easy
  • Knitted Baby Onesie - easy
  • Kiwi Romper with Hat - crochet - easy
  • Rugby Romper - knit - intermediate
  • Chevron Lace Romper - crochet - easy
  • Newborn Baby Romper - knit - intermediate
  • Newborn Romper - crochet - easy
  • Gnome Coverall - knit - intermediate
  • Button Wrap Jumpsuit - knit - easy
  • Chick-a-Dee Romper - knit - easy
  • Baby Sweater Buffet Jumpsuit - knit - easy
  • Little Sailor Jumpsuit & Socks - knit - easy
  • Newborn Onesie - crochet - easy
  • Preemie & Newborn Onesie with Booties - easy
  • Falling Leaves Onesie - knit - intermediate
  • Peruvian Jumpsuit - knit - advanced
  • Single Crochet Diaper Shirt - easy
  • Lil Baby Bee Romper & Hat - crochet - easy
  • Pretty Jumpsuit with Collar - crochet - easy
  • Sofia Cable Yoke Jumpsuit - knit - intermediate
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Little Kinzie Romper
by Marianna Mel

Darling 1-Piece Romper & Hat Set
by Kim Guzman

Top Down All in One Romper
by Lisa King Mclean

Royal Crochet Onesie
by Lorna Miser

Royal Knit Onesie
by Lorna Miser

Baby Love Romper & Hat Set

Knitted Baby Onsey with Hood

Beach Onesy & Hat Set

Bunny Onesy with Hood

Tutu Crochet Onesy with Hat

Tutu Knit Onesy with Hat

Anchors Away Romper
by Patons

Knitted Baby Onesie
by Brenna Kotar

Kiwi Romper with Hat
by Busting Stitches

Rugby Romper,
Picture by Wovenflame

Chevron Lace Romper
by Melody Rogers

Newborn Baby Romper
by Crystal-Anne Smith

Newborn Romper by Joanne Holt,
Picture by Mariposalila

Gnome Coverall
by Johanna Penttilä

Button Wrap Jumpsuit

Chick-a-Dee Romper
by Fleisher, picture by Knitwitti

Baby Sweater Buffet Jumpsuit
by Allyson Dykhuizen

Little Sailor Jumpsuit & Socks

Newborn Onesie
by Marla Caneer Potter

Preemie Newborn Onesie & Booties
by Marla Caneer Potter, picture by YarnSafety

Falling Leaves Onesie
by CJ Alice Jomes

Peruvian Jumpsuit

Single Crochet Diaper Shirt
by AuntB

Lil Baby Bee Romper & Hat
by Julie Farmer

Jack's One-Piece
by Myshelle Cole

Jumpsuit with Collar
by Heather's Justcrochet Designs

Sofia Cable Yoke Jumpsuit
by Sanne Bjerregaard