Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Free Patterns - 20+ Home Wares to Crochet

The more than 20 free patterns included are of great home wares & decorations to knit & crochet...keep or gift!

1940s Sophisticate Cape #756 [knit]
The above picture is of one of my favorite patterns from my etsy shop.

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Before I Forget
Here are your Free Patterns.
Click on any title name to go the pattern.

Chunky Basket [crochet]
Easy Keyboard Duster [crochet]
Felted Doorknob Organizer [crochet]
Broom Handle Duster [crochet]
Colorful Striped Table Setting [crochet]
Cotton Check Rug [crochet]
Pretty Flowers Tea Towels [crochet]
Doggy Draft Dodger [crochet]
Purple & Rhinestone Lampshade [crochet]
iPad Cover [crochet]
Weighty Welcome Doorstop [crochet]
Tissue Box Cover [crochet]
Mambo Trivet [crochet]
Grass Rug [crochet]
Felted Hook Book [crochet]
Plush Hanger Covers [crochet]
May Flowers Hot Pad & Coaster Set [crochet]
Whirly Picture Frames [crochet]
Mod Striped Pillow [crochet]
Hanging Luminaries [crochet]
Keeper Boxes [crochet]
Sports Fever Foot Rest [crochet]