Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Language Translations of Knit & Crochet Terms - Free Patterns

1954 Lace Evening Dress #353

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In answer to several questions on language, I have found some useful links for those needing translation of knitting & crocheting terms & definitions.  As I locate more sites, I will include the links in future posts.

Translate knit-English to Spanish

Translate crochet-English to Spanish

Translate knit-English to Hindi

Translate crochet - English to Hindi

Translate American-British-Italian-Spanish-German-French

Bernat French Abbreviations

Bernat Spanish to English - French Abbreviations

If you are interested in obtaining the Vintage 1954 Lace Evening Dress #353 shown above, you can find the pattern at:

This is a beautiful dress for intermediate crochet.  It can be worked to any length & looks equally beautiful when worked with white or pastel yarns.  This pattern will create a lovely, heirloom bridal gown!

Free Patterns For You!

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Triana Scarf [English-Spanish-French-German]
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