Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lace Crochet - Lace Dresses & Free Pattern

1934 Sophisticate Lace Dress #444

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When I was searching through my shop for lace patterns you might enjoy, I was surprised to find more Knit than Crochet dresses listed.

So I suppose a future post will be about knit lace dresses...of which I have a plethora.

I've been listing scads of hats & bags lately, & [without consciously realizing it] have gotten lazy with my dress listings.

We all know that hats are such satisfying projects.  You can make a hat & bag duo so quickly, that it is easy to make a set for any ensemble in your wardrobe.  Oh, of course, they also make great gifts, when you can bear to part with them.  So keep in touch for a Hat & Bag posting coming up soon.

This will be a short post.  Judging from the sounds of the commotion in the yard, there's a skirmish going on between the dogs & the sea gulls.   The dogs find it all great fun...the gulls not so much.  I'm never sure who's winning.  My little Havanese is a bird dog in disguise.  You've seen dogs leap for frisbees...well, you can imagine!

But for today's post, I have some of my favorite lace dresses from my own etsy shop
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Lace Sheath #519

1938 Two Piece Lace Dress #145