Friday, September 14, 2012

Hat & Bag Sets to Crochet & Free Pattern

1950s Lace Beads & Bobbles Snood Cap #634

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I thought I spend time on today's post listing samples from some of my favorite crochet projects...HATS!

Usually quick & easy to create, nothing is so deliciously rewarding as to complete one of these projects, successfully of course...then immediately pop it on your head to admire in the mirror.

On a Bad Hair Day, they can cover a myriad of horrors, & on a Good Hair Day they simply make you feel terrific.

They require small amounts of yarn, often enabling you to use up left-overs from larger projects.  The span of an evening is the average time length for completion, depending on the length of your evening & the amount of excitement in the rest of your life.  [This tells you a lot about me, as I spend a lot of time on the pc & crocheting!]

In any case, you can create a hat easily, quickly, & with small quantities of yarn.  If you become enamored of a special pattern, you can whip the chapeau up many times to match different outfits...even give them as gifts [if you don't mind your friends & relatives meandering around in one of your 'signature' looks.]

When you can culminate this crafting adventure with a matching bag, well, words can just not Express!

The picture in the upper left is technically a snood [nor is there a bag to match], but I love it so much that I had to place it in this post.  It covers so much of the head, that it can fall into the cap category also...anyway, that's my excuse.  It is a sublime example of 1950's glamour & every woman should have one.  If you don't have anything to wear with it...make it anyway.  Trust me, you'll be sure to find a reason & outfit for it later!

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Below are some of my favorite hat & bag pattern duos for you to view.

1940s Chic Hat & Clutch #843
1940s City Lights Hat & Bag Duo #826
1940s Stroller Hat & Bag Set #317
1936 Chic Hat & Bag Set #401

1947 Classic Hat & Clutch #243
1940s Spangled Brim Hat & Muff #269
1940s Brim Hat & Tier Bag #822
1940s Popcorn Cloche & Half Circle Clutch #820
1945 Fancy Turban & Twin Bag Set #207
1940s Town & Country Roller Hat & Bag #314
This is getting rather lengthy, so I'll stop popping in my pattern pictures.

YOUR FREE PATTERN [I know I've seen a version of this pattern in my vintage publications.  I think it resembles the sewing & craft bags my grandmother used for her needlework.]
Autumn Tote Bag [crochet]