Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Free Patterns - 40+ Bracelets Earrings & Necklaces to Knit, Crochet & Craft

The free patterns included are: button bracelet; city life necklace; star street necklace & bracelet; button necklace; diamond, circle & teardrop earrings; chain of hearts bracelet; lace necklace; mambo necklace; tropic sunset necklace; coral necklace; stainless steel lace necklace; bobble necklace; gold chain necklace; Uffizi necklace; great grannies bangle; chevron bangle; & much more - to easily create & lovely to keep or gift!

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Jewelry is always a wonderful gift to receive or gift.  Here are some unique designs that you can use to create your own wonderful accessories...to keep or present!

Here are your free pattern projects...ENJOY!

Button Bracelet [craft]
City Life Necklace [craft]
Star Street Necklace & Bracelet [craft]
Button Necklace [craft]
Diamond Earrings [crochet]
Circle Earrings [crochet]
Teardrop Earrings [crochet]
Chains of Hearts Bracelet [crochet]
Lace Necklace [crochet]
Mambo Crochet Necklace
Tropic Sunset Necklace [crochet]
Coral Necklace [knit]
Stainless Steel Lace Necklace [crochet]
Bobble Necklace [crochet]
Gold Chain Necklace [knit or crochet]
Tradewinds Neck Piece [craft]
Ponte Vecchio Necklace [crochet]
Uffizi Necklace [crochet]
Vitro Necklaces [crochet - craft]
Chevron Bangle [knit]
Wrapped Bangle [craft]
Chevron Bangle [crochet]
Great Grannies Bangle [crochet]
Fun Fabric Bangles [craft]
Anemone Necklace [crochet]
City Life Beaded Necklace [crochet]
Demure Bracelet & Earrings [french knitter]
Dream Earrings [craft]
Pendant Necklace [craft]
Statement Necklace [crochet]
Flower Necklace [crochet]
Three Color Necklace [craft]
Mothers Day Necklace [craft]
Friendship Bracelets [craft]
Crochet Bracelet
Braided Bracelet [craft]
Blue & Green Bracelet [craft]
Glittering Bracelet [knit]
Pink Sparkle Bracelet [crochet]
Seed Stitch Bracelet [knit]
Bobble Bracelet [knit]