Sunday, September 30, 2012

Free Patterns - 36 Pillows to Knit & Crochet

The more than 30 free patterns included are of great pillows to knit & crochet...keep or gift!

The above picture is of one of my favorite patterns from my etsy shop. 

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Before I Forget
Here are your Free Patterns.
Click on any title name to go the pattern.

Folk Art Bird [crochet]
Woodland Owl [crochet]
Snuggly Mouse [knit]
Cotton Zen [knit]
Happy Holidays Santa [crochet]
Cotton Ruffles [crochet]
Huggable Lion [crochet]
Comfort Hearts [knit]
Huggable Owl [crochet]
Zebra Throw & Pillows [knit]
Round Ruffled [knit]
Flower Neckroll [knit]
Buss [knit]
Carroll [knit]
Footsie [knit]
Pillows Galore [knit]
From the Middle Ridged [crochet]
Zig Zag [crochet]
Square Pegs Round Holes [crochet]
Copenhagen [crochet]
Pumpkins [knit]
Basketweave [crochet]
Parquet [crochet]
Horseshoe Block [knit]
Loop [crochet]
Willow Basket [crochet]
Envelope [crochet]
Crocheted Rose [tutorial]
Aran [knit]
Jacquard [knit]
Aran Leaf [knit]
Wool Petal [crochet]
Pom Pom [knit]
Fur Heart [crochet]
Felted Loops [knit]
Red Rose [crochet]