Friday, June 16, 2017

Free Pattern - Vintage 1940s Tufted Bolero #174 - Crochet

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Vintage 1940s Tufted Bolero #174 - Crochet

SIZE:  14 - 16

American Thread Company “Dawn” Germantown Wool for tufting, 7 balls, white or colors.
Mercerized Crochet Cotton, Size 20 for Filet Mesh, 2 large or 4 medium balls
Steel Crochet Hook #10 or #11

Cut a cardboard 1 1/8” wide, wind yarn around the cardboard placing the strands side by side, cut both edges having 1 1/8” lengths. 

Use 12 strands for each tuft. 

Thread a length of yarn into a large needle & working over the crossings of meshes from right to left, tie a tuft securely over every other mesh in every other row, alternating, placing the tuft of the 2nd row between the tufts of the preceding row.

If tufted over point d’esprit net work over each dot.

The tufted Bolero may be made on a large mesh Fish net, Point d’esprit net or a Crocheted Filet Mesh. 

The directions for making the Crochet Filet Mesh follow. 

When made on the Fish or Point d’esprit nets,  ¾ of yard of either material & a paper pattern are required. 

The bolero is cut out according to pattern & sections are worked before they are assembled.


3 meshes = 1”;
3 rows = 1”

Ch 187 [about 19”] trc into 11th st from hook * ch 3, sk 3 sts, trc in next st, rep from * across row [work should measure about 15 ½”], ch 7, turn.

2nd row:  Trc in trc, * ch 3, trc in next trc, rep from * across row, ch 7, turn.

3rd row:  Rep 2nd row, inc 1 mesh each side. 

Work 2 rows even then increase 1 mesh each side & work even until back measures 5”.

Next row:  Sl st across 1 mesh, ch 4, trc in next trc, [thus decreasing 2 meshes] continue across row omitting the last 2 meshes.

Next 2 rows:  Dec 1 mesh each side & work even until armhole measured 7” from the 1st dec point.

Next 3 rows:  Dec 4 meshes each side of each row.

Ch 99, work 1st trc in 11th st from hook, work meshes across row & work 1 more row even.

3rd row:  Inc 1 mesh at end of row [this is the underarm] then work 2 rows even.

Next row:  Inc 1 mesh at underarm then work even for 8 rows or until Front measures 5”.

Next row:  Dec 2 meshes at underarm.

Next 2 rows:  Dec 1 mesh at underarm & work even for 12 rows or until work measures 5 ½” from 1st dec point.

Next row:  Dec 4 meshes at neck edge.

Next 3 rows:  Dec 1 mesh at neck edge.

Next 2 rows:  Dec 4 meshes at shoulder edge & 1 mesh at neck edge.

Ch 151 for 36 meshes & work 2 rows even.

Next row:  Inc 1 mesh each side & work even for 6 rows or until sleeve measures 3 ¼”.

Next row:  Dec 2 meshes each side then dec 1 mesh each side every other row 5 times.

Next row:  Dec 6 meshes each side & work 5 more rows even. 

Sew darts to form a square shoulder.