Monday, October 1, 2012

Free Patterns - 65 Toys to Knit & Crochet

The more than 65 free patterns included are of great stuffed toys to knit & crochet...keep or gift!

The above picture is of one of my favorite patterns from my etsy shop, Miss Julia's Craft Connection.  
Please visit my shop to see the many classic vintage designs available to you.

Any 5 of My Patterns for $11

Before I Forget
Here are your Free Patterns.
Click on any title name to go the pattern.

Chubby Puppy [knit]
Fat Cat [knit]
Chubby Bunny [crochet]
Circus Seal [crochet]
Angel Mouse [crochet]
Which Witchie [crochet]
Ruby Bear [knit]
Funky Pigs [crochet]
Annie Lucy & Farrah [crochet]
Kathy Kitty [crochet]
Giraffe [crochet]
Kitty with Mouse [crochet]
Flopsy Bunny [crochet]
Fay the Flamingo [crochet]
Monkey [crochet]
Monkey Around [knit]
Not-So-Scary Pumpkin [crochet]
Henry & Henrietta [knit]
Lamb [knit]
Panda [knit]
Teddy [knit]
Tall Tiger [knit]
Elephant [knit]
Scruffaluffalant [knit]
Sweet Unicorn [crochet]
Kitty [crochet]
Murray the Reindeer [crochet]
Kittycat [crochet]
Froggie [crochet]
Pony [crochet]
Pink Stripes Bunny [crochet]
Amigurumi Doll [crochet]
Doll [crochet]
Brown Pony [crochet]
Stuffed Bunny [knit]
Football [knit]
Lil Firebreath [crochet]
Katie the Kitty [knit]
Jacquard Monster [knit]
Petey the Puppy [knit]
Teddy Toy [crochet]
Cotton Doll [crochet]
Owl [crochet]
Topsy Turvy Doll [knit]
Petunia Piglet [knit]
Celestine Sox [knit]
Celestine [crochet]
Octopus [craft]
Squiddy [knit]
Roxy Hand Puppet [knit]
Ralph Hand Puppet [knit]
Piet Doll [knit]
Kiki Doll [knit]
Foliage Bear [knit]
Tiger Cat [knit]
Soft & Sweet Duck [knit]
Cute Cabled Lamb [knit]
Glittery Sheep [knit]
Lion [knit]
Giraffe Toy [crochet]
Penguin [crochet]
Ripple Sally Doll [knit]
Bryan Boy Doll [crochet]
Shelly Girl Doll [crochet]
Martha Stewart Doll & Dog [crochet]