Thursday, September 20, 2012

Favorite Coats to Knit - Crochet & Free Patterns

The free patterns included are a crocheted cape, & a knit capelet - both of which will be easy to create, & lovely to keep or gift.

1934 Mandarin Coat & Skirt Set #483 [knit]

Now that Fall is here, so is this  wonderful selection of classic coats & jackets for you to consider for your next project.  Timeless sophistication & glamour at your fingertips in the yarn & colors of  your choice.  

These are only a few from the listings at my Etsy shop, Miss Julia's Vintage Patterns

The proceeds from the sales of my vintage patterns are used in support of rescue animals.

Please share my store with friends and family to assist in this effort.

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1934 Swagger Coat & Scarf Set #907 [crochet]
1950s Vogue Boxy Jacket #101 [knit]
1935 Casual 2 Button Coat in Afghan Stitch #916 [crochet]
1950s Vogue Double Breasted Jacket #163 [knit]
1934 Chic Coat, Beret & Scarf Set #910 [knit]
1955 Elegant Jacket in 2 Lengths #752 [knit]
1940s Swing Jacket & Turban #758 [knit]
1953 Tuxedo Tube Coat #798 [knit]
1934 Palermo Sport Coat #452 [knit]

Before I Forget
Here are your Free Patterns.
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