Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cozy Capes to Knit - Crochet & Free Patterns

Vintage Easy Reversible Cape #425

Miss Julia's
Vintage Patterns
for Fashion Conscious Needle Working Enthusiasts

For Casual or Dress, capes are a fashionable & comfortable alternative to the usual coat & jacket.

Most patterns can be easily adjusted to shorter or longer lengths to suit your needs.  It's important to remember that the adjustments are usually made in the sections between increasing & decreasing, unless otherwise stated by the pattern.

Calf & ankle length patterns are popular, & some of the patterns shown here can easily accommodate this adjustment.

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1953 Short Double-Breasted Cape #799 [knit]
1950s Poodle Cape #941 [knit]
1940s Sophisticate Cape #756 [knit]

1953 Tippit Cape #797 [knit]
Town & Country Cape #357 [crochet]
Short & Sweet Tweed Cape #464 [knit]