Friday, June 16, 2017

Free Pattern - Vintage 1940s Vogue Surplice Blouse #166

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Vintage 1940s Vogue Surplice Blouse #166

An elegant surplice blouse with a smocked yoke.  Perfect with your favorite suit, or on its own with a trim skirt.  Make a skirt in matching yarn for a lovely two-piece dress.  Just imagine this in Basic Black!

Directions are for size 16. 
Changes for sizes 18 and 20 are in brackets

Spinnerin Coquette or Dressy, 12 [13-15] 1-oz skeins
#1 and #2 knitting needles                       
#4 steel crochet hook
1 Pair shoulder pads                                  
Seam binding

15 sts = 2 ins; 
1 rows = 1 in

With #1 needles, cast on 100 [110-120] sts. 

Work even in stockinette st for 3 ins.  [1 ½ ins are allowed for hem]. 

Inc across next row at even intervals to 126 [134-142] sts. 

Change to #2 needles and p back. 

Continue in stockinette st, increasing 1 st each end every 4th row 12 times; 150 [158-166] sts. 

Work even until 10 ½ [11-11] ins from hem or desired length to underarm.

Cast on 12 sts at beg of next 2 rows. 

Work even until sleeve is 5 ½ [6-6 ½] ins. 

Work 2 darts in center back of neck.

Place a marker each side of center 28 [30-32] sts. 

Dec 1 st each side of each marker [4 sts decreased] every k row 5 times. 

[TO DEC:  Work to within 3 sts of marker, k 2 tog, k 1, sl marker from 1 needle to the other, then k 2 tog]. 

Work even until 7 ½ [8-8 n½] ins from beg of sleeve.

Bind off 12 [13-14] sts at beg of next 6 rows. 

Bind off remaining sts.

With # 1 needles, cast on 90 [96-100] sts. 

Work even in stockinette st for 3 ins. 

At beg of next k row [center front edge] bind off 10 sts, then k 15, inc 1 st in each of next 30 sts, across. 

Change to #2 needles and p back, casting on 10 sts at end of p row for underlap 120 [126-130] sts. 

Work last 10 sts for underlap in reverse stockinette st throughout [p is right side]. 

Work even for 1 ½ ins. 

Place a marker on needle after first 20 sts at center front edge [border]. 

Keeping underarm edge even, dec 1 st inside border [after marker] every 4th row until is same length as back to underarm.

Cast on 12 sts at beg of next row at sleeve edge. 

Continue to dec 1 st inside border every 4th row until same time, when sleeve is 3 [3-3 ½] ins work smock-stitch yoke.

On next k row, p 10, k 10, work in rib of p 2, k 2 across next 54 [58-62] sts, k to end of row. 

P back, working in ribbing across center 54 [58-62] sts. 

Work in this manner until there are 6 rows of ribbing,  ending with wrong side.

7th row:  [Twist Row]:  P 10, k 10, p 2, * insert right-hand needle between the 6th and 7th sts on left-hand needle and draw up a loop loosely, k 2 tog, p 2, k 2, p 2; repeat from * across ribbing:  k across. 

Work 7 rows of ribbing then on 8th row, start twist as follows:  P 2, k 2, p 2; repeat from * in 7th row. 

Continue in pattern, alternating twist row every 8th row until same length as back to shoulder.

Bind off 12 [13-14] sts at beg of underarm edge every other row 3 times, bind off all but center 20 sts [neckband]. 

Work even on these 20 sts until band is a little less than half-way around back of neck.  Bind off.

Work to correspond with Right Front.

Seam shoulders and underarm. 

Hem lower edge. 

Hem back underlap. 

With right side facing, work 1 row of sc around sleeves. 

Seam neckband and sew to neck edge, easing in to fit. 

Fold underlap back at neckband and sew. 

Sew 2 hooks and eyes at both sides of waistband to close. 

Block to size. 

Reinforce shoulder seams with seam binding. 

Tack in shoulder pads