Saturday, October 29, 2016

Free Patterns - 25 Lots of Coasters to Gift in Crochet

Here are your free patterns...happy crafting!
  • Kim's Coaster Set 
  • Coaster Belinda
  • Spiral Coasters
  • Summer Boaters Coasters
  • Jedburgh Coaster 
  • Watermelon Coaster
  • Daisy Coaster 
  • Valentine Heart Coaster
  • Sunflower Coaster & Gift Set Holder 
  • Options Placemat & Coaster Set
  • Sunset Coaster
  • Stained Glass Coasters
  • Four Fancy Coasters
  • Dove Coasters
  • Nautical Coasters
  • Santa Coasters
  • Owl Coasters
  • Christmas Jute Coasters
  • Fly Coasters
  • Chicken Butt Coasters 
  • Jack-O-Lantern Coasters
  • Gobble Coasters
  • Birthday Wishes Coaster 
  • Teddy Bear Coaster 
  • Penguin Coasters 
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