Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Free Patterns - 10 Absolutely Fabulous Accessories to Knit & Crochet

Free Accessory Patterns to enjoy, create, gift, or keep!
  • Turban Headband [knit]
  • Ruffled Lace Tricor Scarf [knit]
  • Flick Flack Scarf  [knit]
  • Ruffles Galore Bag [knit]
  • Kiri Hat [knit]
  • Odette Hat [knit]
  • Monsoon Purse [knit]
  • Carico Lake Cowl [crochet]
  • Kaisou Cowl [crochet]
  • Longmeadow Cuff [crochet]
Please remember to visit my Etsy shop, Miss Julia's Vintage Patterns

The proceeds from the sales of my vintage patterns are used in support of rescue animals.

Please share my store with friends and family to assist in this effort.

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Monsoon Purse [knit]
by Knitting Fever
Turban Headband [knit]
by Knitting Fever
Ruffled LaceTricor Scarf [knit]
by Knitting Fever
Flick Flack Scarf [knit]
by Knitting Fever
Ruffles Galore Bag [knit]
by Knitting Fever
Kiri Hat [knit]
by Knitting Fever
Odette Hat [knit]
by Knitting Fever
Carico Lake Cowl [crochet]
by Sara Delaney
Kaisou Cowl [crochet]
Longmeadow Cuff [crochet]
by ChickenBetty


A Lovely "After" Photo of Hope

Here is an update on Hope, one of the dogs that is being helped with sales of our patterns.

Hope was rescued from a High-Kill Shelter just before she was due to be euthanized.  She had been starved, tortured, abused & overbred.    Thankfully she was saved in time by the Fighting for Dawn Rescue.

You can read more about Hope at Hope - Fighting for Dawn Rescue


Here is a "before" picture of Alma, you can follow her story & she how well she's gotten in only a short time at https://www.facebook.com/xtremerescueinc .

She was starved, overbred, abused & dumped in a 'high kill' shelter.  Thankfully saved  at the last moment.

Here is a "before" picture of Mel, you can follow his story at https://www.facebook.com/xtremerescueinc

He is a senior chihuahua who had his lower jaw & all his teeth removed.