Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Free Wrist Warmer Patterns

The 10 free knit & crochet patterns included are: 
  • beaded wristlets
  • party wristlets
  • ruffled wrist warmers
  • cabled wristlets
  • luxurious wristlets
  • cottage wristlets
  • warming trend wristlets
  • touchdown wristlets
  • sheepish wrist factor
  • armed & ready wristlets

all to easily create & lovely to keep or gift!

The vintage gloves shown on the left, obviously do not fit into the category of 'wrist warmer'.   But if you'll attending a formal, winter holiday event, fingerless gloves in thread crochet are delightfully more appropriate accessories than chunky ones crafted in bulkier yarn...no matter how much more cozy.

These & other vintage patterns can be viewed at my etsy shop.
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For those beginning needle workers, questions often come up about yarn.  The most frequently asked ones are:
1. What information should I look for on the yarn label? 
2. What is meant by “Yarn Weight Classifications?” 3. Can I substitute one yarn weight for another yarn weight?4. Can I substitute different yarn brands of the same yarn weight? 5. Why do some yarns have a dye lot number and others are no dye lot?6. What are the differences in steel, aluminum, and plastic crochet hooks? When do I use one kind versus another? 7. What are double point and circular knitting needles used for? How are they similar and how are they different? 8. What is “gauge” and how is it determined?9. What is the best way to launder projects made from yarn? 10. Where can I get help when I have yarn questions?

The next link will help in answering these questions.

Continuing my current theme of holiday gift projects, below you'll find some examples of modern variations on vintage design.  Wrist warmers or wristlets have been created & enjoyed by many generations of crafters & those rewarded by their gifts.

I know you will find a pattern to suit in the samples listed.


Crochet Beaded Wristlets
Crochet Party Wristlets

Knit Ruffled Wrist Warmers