Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Free Hat Patterns for Cold Weather

1936 Fashionable Bow Hat #399

Miss Julia's
Vintage Patterns
for Fashion Conscious
Needle Working Enthusiasts

If you love the glamour of the 1930s, then this hat is sure to please.  The model in the picture reminds me of a young Olivia de Havilland...for those of you who follow the classic movies.

This hat & many others can be found in my shop.  My collection is ever-growing, so please visit soon & often.  Please remember to visit my Etsy shop, Miss Julia's Vintage Patterns

The proceeds from the sales of my vintage patterns are used in support of rescue animals.

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I've found some charming, winter hat designs you might enjoy.  These novel hats are not Vintage patterns, but they will all work up quickly, becoming great toppers to keep or gift out in the coming months.


Crochet Galaxy Hat

Knit Corrugated Hat

Crochet Brimmed Cap

Knit Entrelac Beret

Knit Purple Haze Beret

Crochet Tip Top Topper
Knit Seed Trimmed Scoodie