Saturday, September 15, 2012

Favorite Boleros & Shrugs to Knit - Crochet & Free Patterns

The free patterns included are:  Adelaid shrug; & ruffled shrug - all to easily create & lovely to keep or gift!

1950s Ribbon Bolero, Hat & Bag Set #941

Boleros & shrugs are wonderful projects, doubly gratifying because they take a smaller amount of time to complete & because of the fabulous additions they make to your wardrobe.

Classic styles repeated or revised for generations, they add instant glamour to any dress.  A day-time outfit can go from the office to an evening event with just the donning of a bolero.

Create your bolero with metallic yarn [either alone or combined with another yarn], add some beads, sequins into your work & you have instant glitz & glimmer.  The simplest classic pattern can be altered with a change of yarn, or by stringing beads on your yarn as you work.

Below I have listed some of my favorite boleros & shrugs, which I know you would enjoy working.

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1960s Woman's & Girl's Matching Boleros #697 [knit]
1950s Formal Mohair Bolero #330 [knit]

1953 Evening Lace & Sequins Shrug #802 [crochet]
1953 Lace Cummberbund Bolero #803 [crochet]
1953 Ruffled Fan Sleeved Shrug #795 [knit]
1960s Ruffles & Ripples Shrug #510 [crochet]
1950s Bella Angora Shrug #763 [knit]
1955 Chic Bolero #754 [knit]
1951 Angora Fan-Sleeved Shrug #343 [knit]
Adelaide Shrug [crochet]
Ruffled Shrug [knit]