Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Free Pattern - Vintage 1944 Sophisticate Clutch Bag #1048

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Vintage 1944 Sophisticate Clutch Bag #1048

Jack Frost Gimp, 1 lb.
Interchangeable with double strands of Plastic
Size #2 Steel Crochet Hook

1ST ROW:  Ch 16.  Sk 1st ch, work 1 sc in each of next 14 sts, 3 sc in last st. 

Work 14 sc on other side of ch.  Ch 1, turn.

2ND ROW:  Work 1 sc in each of 1st 14 sts, taking back lp, 3 sc in next st, 1 sc in next st, 3 sc in next st, 1 sc in each of rem 14 sts.  Ch 1, turn.

3RD ROW:  Work 1 sc in each of 1st 15 sts, 3 sc in next st, 1 sc in each of next 3 sts, 3 sc in next st, 1 sc in each of rem 15 sts.

Cont working as described above, having 1 more st at each side & 2 more at lower edge on every row, for 50 rows.

Work a second piece to match.

Work 15 rows of sc across top of each piece, taking back lp.

Ch 260.

Work 14 rows of sc, taking back lp. 

Join to bottom & sides with row of sc. 

[Before joining finished pattern pieces]

Make paper patt from crocheted pieces & lay aside to be used later.

Cut lining according to paper patt & sew tog. 

Shirr lining bag form to correspond with crocheted bag.

Insert finished lining in bag. 

Sew in zipper [if desired].

Attach ornament to zipper pull tab [if desired].

Note:  Cardboard or lightweight plastic may be inserted between 2 layers of lining & bag to give shape extra support.



*                                   repeat the instructions following the single asterisk as directed
* *                                repeat instructions between asterisks as many times as directed or                                      repeat from a given set of instructions
Alt                              alternate
Approx                      approximately
Beg                             begin/beginning
Bet                             between
Bl                                back loop(s)
Bo                               bobble
Bp                               back post
Bpdc                          back post double crochet
Bpsc                           back post single crochet
Bptr                           back post treble/triple crochet
Ca                               color A
Cb                               color B
Cc                               contrasting color
Ch                               chain stitch
Ch                               refers to chain or space previously
made: e.g                   ch-1 space
ch-sp                          chain space
Cl                               cluster
Cm                              centimeter(s)
Compl                        complete
Cont                           continue
Dc                               double crochet
Dc2tog                      double crochet 2 stitches together
Dec                             decrease/decreases/decreasing
Dtr/Dtrc                   double treble/triple crochet
fl                                front loop(s)
Foll                            follow/follows/following
Fp                               front post
Fpdc                           front post double crochet
Fpsc                           front post single crochet
Fptr                           front post treble/triple crochet
G                                 gram
Hdc                            half double crochet
Hk                               hook
Inc                               increase/increases/increasing
Incl                             inclusive
K                                 knit
lp(s)                           loop(s)
M                                 meter(s)
M                                 mesh
Mc                               main color
Meas                          measure
Mm                              millimeter(s)
O                                 over (yarn over)
Oz                               ounce(s)
P                                 picot or purl
Pat(s) or patt           pattern(s)
Pc st or Pc              popcorn stitch
Pm                              place marker
Prev                           previous
PSSO                         pass slip stitch over
Rem                            remain/remaining
Rep                             repeat(s)
Rnd(s)                        round(s)
Rs                               right side
Sc                               single crochet
Sc2tog                      single crochet 2 stitches together
Sdc                             short double crochet (half double crochet)
Sk                               skip
Sl st                           slip stitch
Sp(s)                          space(s)
St(s)                           stitch(es)
Tch or t-ch               turning chain
Tbl                              through back loop
Tog                             together
Tr or Trc                  treble/triple crochet
Trtrc or T Trc         triple treble/triple crochet
Ws                              wrong side
YB                               yarn back
Yd(s)                          yard(s)
YF                               yarn forward
Yo                               yarn over
Yoh                             yarn over hook