Monday, October 24, 2016

Free Patterns - 15 Hoodies to Crochet

Here are your free patterns...happy crafting!
  • Ella Hoody
  • Pamapaloza Hooded Scarf 
  • Easy Hooded Scarf
  • Hooded Cowl
  • Buttoned Hooded Cowl 
  • Hooded Husky Cowl 
  • Quick & Easy Pixie Hood 
  • Seamless Hooded Scarf
  • Hooded Infinity Scarf
  • Beginner Chain Stitch Hooded Scarf
  • Scoodie - Hooded Scarf with Pockets 
  • TLC Hooded Scarf 
  • Aesthetic Hooded Scarf 
  • Majesty Hooded Scarf 
  • Scoodie Tutorial 
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