Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lace Crochet - Small Projects & Free Pattern

1936 Lace Portrait Bridal Hat #403

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Still pondering getting ready for the coming holiday season, & those gifts we love to create for those special people in our circles.

I've been spending a lot of time looking at all the beautiful patterns that can be found out in the web...including my shop of course.  The mind boggles, because there is so much from which to choose.

Last night I was looking through my shop & found some patterns that I believe you will enjoy--creating & wearing!  So many patterns & so little time!  I heard another woman use an expression somewhat like that, but it had little to do with needle work.

Festive occasions often call for apparel or accessories that are just a notch above the every day, and nothing says that for me like lace crochet.

So perhaps when we have completed our current projects, we might have time to include one more for that other special person...ourselves!  It's not really a selfish action, we have put ourselves last on the list.

Certainly we appreciate all the thoughtful, tender expressions of caring, fondness, love, emotion, etc. that are shown in the gifts we have [hopefully]  received from others.   Also [certainly & absolutely] they are always the exact things we were just aching to receive.

Do you notice how I am always throwing the plural "WE" in there at different moments? Am I spreading it on a little too thick here, in an effort to absolve myself of any future smidgen of guilt?

Oh well, when I've completed all those other great gifts...I'm going to make one last one for me!  But how to pick just one?

While I'm mired in my own pile of "Want Tos", here for your viewing are some of my favorite smaller projects from my own etsy shop. 
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1935 Lace Lattice Loop Gloves #298
1934 Lace Short Sleeve Blouse #906
1953 Short Lace Cape Bolero #801
1953 Lace Stole with Beads & Sequins #807
1943 Crochet Lace & Bow Snood #376

1950s Lace Motif Shrug #352
1945 Lace Fascinator Hat #460
A Free Pattern for You:
Crochet 1 Skein Lace Wrap